Boards and Committees


PDC, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, Chair of the Board

Gulf Coast Consortia, Bioinformatics, Steering Committee Member

Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN), Research Advisory Committee, Member

Open Grid Forum, Advisory Committee, Member

Gulf Coast Consortia, Advisory Committee for Research Consortia, Member


Council for Research Infrastructures, Swedish Research Council, Chair, Study Panel on e-Infrastructure for Computer Scienc and Mathematics, Swedish Research Council, 2013 – 2014

Stockholm Brain Institute, Executive Committee, Member, 2006 – 2012

STRATOS, PRACE’ Strategic Technology Advisory Group Steering Committee Member, 2009 – 2012

Board of Directors, Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), Brussels, Belgium, Member, 2010 – 2012

Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), Management Board, Member

PRACE General Partner representative on the Principal Partner Committee, 2008 – 2010

HiPCAT (High Performance Computing Across Texas), Executive Board, Member, 2000 – 2012.

Institute for Molecular Design, University of Houston, Advisory Board, 1996 – 2012

International Supercomputing Conference, Advisory Board, Member, 2007 – 2008

Gelato Federation for Advancing Linux on Itanium, Steering Committee, Member, 2007 – 2009

 Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), Member, 2006 – 2008

Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute Europe, Founding Board Member, 2006 – 2008

International Collaboration to Extend and Advance Grid Education, Founding Board Member, 2006 – 2008

HPC in Europe Task Force, Founding Member, 2006 – 2008

Baltic Grid, Executive Committee, Chair, 2005 – 2009

Texas Internet Grid for Research and Education (TIGRE), Steering Committee, Member, 2005 – 2008

NextGrid, Management Board, Member, 2004 – 2008

Global Grid Forum, Advisory Council, Member, 2004 – 2006

North European Grid Federation, Executive Committee,Founding Member, 2003 – 2008

Globus Alliance, Founding Board Member, 2003 – 2006

Gelato Federation, Strategy Council, Member, 2003 – 2005

European Grid Support Center, Executive Board, Founding Chair, 2003 – 2005

Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing’s (SNIC) Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), Stockholm, Sweden,  Chair, 2002 – 2006

Nordic Grid Consortium, Executive Board, Founding Chair, 2002 – 2004

National Center for Macromolecular Imaging, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, External Advisory Board, Member, 2000 – 2002

GridLab: A Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed a pan-European Laboratory, Advisory Board, Member, 2002 – 2005

The Los Alamos Computer Science Institute, Los Alamos, NM, Executive Committee, Member, 1999 – 2006

Swedish National Allocations Committee for High Performance Computing, Storage and Visualization (SNAC), The Swedish Council for Planning and Coordination of Research, Stockholm, Sweden, Founding Chair, 1999 – 2001

PDC, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, External Advisory Board, Chair, 1999 – 2000

The W.M Keck Center for Computational Biology, Houston, TX, Executive Board, Member, 1998 – 2002

PDC, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, Scientific Board, Chair, 1996 – 1999

The Houston Area Computational Science Consortium, Houston, TX, Executive Board, Founding Chair, 1996 – 2000

Texas GigaPoP, Houston, TX, Founding Member, 1996 – 1999

West Virginia Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, Morgantown, WV, Industrial Advisory Board, Member, 1994 – 1998

Computing Research Association, Board Member, 1992 – 1994

DIMACS Parallel Implementation Challenge, Member, Steering Committee, 1992 – 1994

ICASE Search committee for new Institute Director, Member, 1991 – 1992

Universities Space Research Administration Science Council for CESDIS, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Member, 1990 – 1995

Universities Space Research Administration Science Council for ICASE, NASA Langley Research Center, Member, 1990 – 1992

Swedish Natural Sciences Research Council, Search Committee, 1988

Computational Methods and Computer Architecture, The Academy of Engineering Sciences, The Swedish Institute of Applied Mathematics, Stockholm, Advisory Board, 1986

CIGRE, Group 32, Power Systems Operation and Planning, Paris,1976 – 1978

Educational Board of the Division of Engineering Physics, Chalmers Institute of Technology, Gothenburg, 1966 – 1967

Ombudsman of undergraduate students, Chalmers Institute of Technology, Gothenburg, 1966 – 1967

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