Students Supervised

Ph.D. Students


  • Gilbert Netzer, Royal Institute of Technology


  • Olga Datskova, University of Houston
  • Xiaofan Wu, University of Houston

Ph.D. Thesis Supervised

Alex Olwal, Unobtrusive Augmentation of Physical Environments: Interaction Techniques, Spatial Displays and Ubiquitous Sensing, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, June, 2009

Mehran Ahsant, On-demand Restricted Delegation: A Framework for Dynamic, Context-Aware, Least-Privilege Delegation in Grids, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, February, 2009

Ayaz Ali, Adaptive Dynamic Scheduling of FFT on Hierarchical Memory and Multi-core Architectures, University of Houston, Houston, TX, May 2008.

Thomas Sandholm, Managing Service Levels in Grid Computing Systems, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, May, 2007

Yu Charlie Hu, EfficientData Parallel Implementations of Highly Irregular Problems, Harvard University, May 1997.

Nadia Shalaby, Parallel Orthogonal Transforms, Harvard University, May 1997.

Ted Nesson (Gemstar-Video Guide Inc.), Randomized,Oblivious, Minimal Routing Algorithms for Multicomputers, Harvard University, September 1995.

Ching-Tien (Howard) Ho (IBM Almaden Research Center), Optimal Communication Primitives and Graph Embeddings on Hypercubes, Yale University, 1988.

Abhiram Ranade ,Fluent Parallel Computation, Yale University, 1987.

M.S. Thesis Supervised

Daquan Zhang, Exploring MPI Implementation of UHFFT, University of Houston, August, 2010

Meiqui Wang,UH-CMPP: A High Performance Multi-Precision Floating-Point Library, University of Houston, August 2003

Priti Mehta, On the Use of OpenMP for the Recursive Spectral Bisection Method, University of Houston, July 2003.

Matin Abdullah, SimDB – A Grid Software Environment forMolecular Dynamics Simulation and Analysis: Design and User Interface, University of Houston, December 2002.

Fredrik Mwandia, An Adaptive Software Library forFast Fourier Transforms on real Input Data , University ofHouston, November 2001.

Kashif Shakil, Admission Control and Resource Reservationfor Quality of Service Provisioning in Cellular Mobile WirelessNetworks, University of Houston, October 2001.

Hrishikesh Divate,MPI– HPF Communication Techniques , University of Houston, May 2000.

Rishad Mahasoom, AnAdaptive Software Library for Fast Fourier Transforms , Universityof Houston, May 2000.

Manisk K Singh, LSR–SIM: A Large–Scale Parallel Network Routing Simulator,University of Houston, May 1999.

Olle Larsson, Implementationand Performance Analysis of a High–Order CEM Algorithm in Parallel andDistributed Computing Environments, University of Houston, May 1998.

Tak-Kwong Ng, A Graph Model and the Embedding of MOS Circuits, Caltech,1984.

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